Miguel Humblet

"My work roots itself in the convergence between the minimalist and the organic movements. As architect/sculptor I try to combine the two different approaches using natural materials and contemporary ecological skills in a practical but ludic way.

I wish my design to be ethical, tactile, evocative and durable. I see architecture and design as the reflection of a dialogue between environment and consciousness." Miguel Humblet

In 2001, I created Echo-visionary designs.

Echo is an Eco-friendly company based in Bristol providing services in organic architecture, interior design and furniture making to both the private and public sectors.

I use natural materials and organic principles to create a design that seems to grow outwards through the use of curves and textures achieving simple asymmetries that are both inspiring and holistic.

I now live and work in Portugal.


Stairs, UK

Relaxation lounge, UK

Lounge in Spa, UK

Light detail

Recording Studio, Belgium

Bar, UK

Bar detail

Studio in the garden, UK


Shower block, Portugal

Shower block, Portugal

Outdoor hot-tub, UK

Garden, UK

living-storage, UK

Fern light

Sculpting lights

Polished concrete kitchen, UK

Kitchen, UK

Table detail

Kitchen detail

Art for babies, Belgium

Art for babies, Belgium

Art for babies, Belgium

Bed detail

Chair 01


Chair detail

Kids' bedroom, UK

Kids' bedroom

Kids' bedroom

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